The program for Kolding Light Festival 2023 can be downloaded as a PDF file here: KLF_FB_2023_kor3

In addition, an overview of the many side events can be seen below the official programme. The installations are in order so that it fits with a nice walk around the city.

The city’s beautiful square in the center of Kolding Midtby is presented in a beautiful 360-degree lighting experience.

This year the Town Hall has come alive!

Nicolai square

The square and the buildings are beautifully lit up. Nicolai Church’s many beautiful details provide a unique lighting experience.

Nicolai for children

A true flagship for the Kolding Light Festival. Experience the garden of the future illuminated on the entire farm. Plenty of activities for young and old inside – a safe stop with children!

The Spanish stairs

Join us in creating your own piece of light art when the columns on the Spanish Steps start moving.

The old border bridge – Søndertorv

The light artwork “Words” is presented here – time for reflection and reflection. Also in the water.

The candy factory

Then the old factory by the river is running again. In its time, FDB (now COOP) had a candy factory in Kolding. We turn on the boilers again.

Best seen from Riberdyb and Pakhustorvet.
The path along open

From the candy factory, the trip goes towards the harbour. Experience luminous lanterns from Harteværket and “Guardians of time”

Port of Kolding

What rises out of the water? A mermaid or a sea monster?

We bring the water mists to life.


See the beautiful station building beautifully lit with many details and beautiful light art.

Kolding Library

We turn off the daily light and illuminate Olafur Eliasson’s artwork. There is a light treasure hunt and plenty of activities for young and old. See further below.

Koldinghus Castle

Free entry to the Giant Tower. Stalls, shadow theatre, costumes and much more. During the day, there is also a Christmas market, so there is something going on at the Castle!


Big MosMosh fireworks show on Slotssøen on Saturday at 21:15.

Birkemose “Business Park” behind the Pyramid. Great light show, competitions and much more.

Hotel Koldingfjord. See the beautiful fjord hotel in a completely new light on the water side.

Lights are lit in both lamps and hearts when a multitude of actors in Kolding Municipality create activities for everyone interested on the occasion of the Kolding Light Festival 2023. Come and experience everything from luminous kites, thought-provoking skies and award-winning theater to skate activities, luminous exercise races , belly dancing, floating lanterns and light installations throughout the city for young and old.

See the program for the many side events.

Subject to changes in the program.

Light choir – sing Christmas and the light Together

we sing Christmas and the light when Nicolai Kultur and Sangkraft Kolding invite to a light choir, according to tradition. Everyone meets at the Kolding Library, walks in a singing group through the city center and ends at Nicolai Kultur.

Anyone who wants to can participate, and everyone is encouraged to dress brightly.

Time: Thursday 7 December at 16.30-17.30

Place: Meeting place at Kolding Library


Christmas lights and fun at Det Gamle Posthus

Folkehuset lights strings of lights with homemade Christmas decorations.

A homemade safety blanket will be given out, which should provide light and care. There is caroling and sale of crocheted and knitted Christmas decorations, Christmas cake and hot drinks. A really warm and cozy event in a lovely setting.

Time: Thursday 7 December at 17.00

Location: Freddy’s Cafe, Det Gamle Posthus, Banegårdspladsen 8


Kolding Light Run 7 December 2023

Kolding Light Run powered by Easyfood is an event run in a special class with a focus on giving the participants a unique experience when we run or walk around among the many beautiful light displays in connection with the Kolding Light Festival.

Experience the Kolding Light Festival from the inside when you get close to the light. We run e.g. through light tunnels and the Library as well as experiencing the beautiful light exhibitions at the Spanish Steps, the Town Hall and Koldinghus. There are large medals full of colors + flashlights for all participants!

Location: Kolding Midtby, start in Søndergade

Time: Thursday 7 December. Number delivery from 16, start at 18.

Registration: No later than 6 December at Sportstiming – Kolding Light Run 2023


The fire at Koldinghus in 1808

Come and experience an authentic shadow theater when Teater Figuletta and Koldinghus jointly present: The fire at Koldinghus in 1808. The traveling jesters Yvonette and Jacobi visit Koldinghus with their traveling shadow theater and tell with humor, poetry and high tempo about the historical event.

Come and experience an engrossing and brought to life piece of local history and also try experimenting with light and shadow yourself. Between performances, there is the opportunity to experiment with making and testing your own shadow theater puppets.

There is also the opportunity to see some of our renaissance costumes with lights around the castle and outside, as well as see the city from the top of the Giant’s Tower until 21.00

Time: Friday 8 December and Saturday 9 December.

Both days at 17.30, 18.30, 19.30 and 20.30 – lasts approx. 10 minutes

Place: The lawn in front of Koldinghus


Regenerative Blue hour

Workshop with Anne-Lene from

The sun sets outside, and as darkness falls, we land in the body. Regenerative blue hour is an invitation to a break from the pace of everyday life and to sharpen the senses. An invitation to turn the light on yourself and look inside for a while. Here you get grounded when we focus on the feet and strengthen the foundation. Use Regenerative blue hour as a springboard to take good energy with you to the light festival or home. A workshop with access for everyone and a content of movement and exercises that do not require special prerequisites.

Time: 7, 8 and 9 December 2023 at 17-18:30.

Location: Kolding Library, Slotssøvejen 4 – the Holms room on the 1st floor

Registration: Send your name and the day you wish to participate to: You are welcome several days. Registration is mandatory – the event is free.

Alluring light in the dark

“Draging light in the dark” is a spectacular experience, where a 20 meter long, red and glowing dragon moves around Kolding city centre.

The dragon is made by the Triangle area’s figure theatre, Teater Figuletta, and it is carried around by no less than 10 actors! A truly magical performance out of the ordinary.

Time: Thursday 7 December at 17, Friday 8 December at 17 and at 19.

Location: Kolding Midtby, including Jernbanegade and Akseltorv.


Belly dance lights the way

Within oriental dance there is a great tradition of dancing with light – often in impressive balancing acts with, for example, chandeliers on the head. Here you will hear more about that tradition and you will also have the opportunity to dance with light yourself. You are expertly guided through a selection of belly dance’s basic movements with light. Dancer and teacher is Amanda, who teaches permanently at FOF South Jutland.

Duration 30 minutes.

Time: December 7 and 8. At 19-19:30

Location: Kolding Library, Slotssøvejen 4


The Garden of the Future in Nicolai Gården

The theme at Nicolai Kultur is the Garden of the Future, and Nicolai Gården’s asphalt will be transformed into one large luminous garden filled with colors and patterns.

Time: December 7 – 9, 5 – 9 p.m

Location: Nicolai Kultur, Skolegade 2c


The future garden in Nicolai for children

At Nicolai for children you can take a trip in the time machine and visit the exhibition the garden of the future, which is made in collaboration with schools and institutions in Kolding Municipality and the Kulturskolen Kolding.

So bring the royal blue overalls and gardening gloves and experience the children’s take on the garden of the future.

Time: The 7th-9th December at 17 – 21

Place: Nicolai for children, Skolegade 2c


Walk in the garden – in the archive

Kolding Stadsarkiv goes to the garden – at the archive – for this year’s light festival.

Come and experience a light show that plays with a universe of flowers and plants designed by Aksel Olsen, the creator of Geografisk Have.

On the same occasion, we open the doors to the archive and our “green collections”, where there is the opportunity to make different “green Christmas decorations” or paint on black-and-white photos. We also share some of our stories about the nurseries and nurseries over the past 100 years in Kolding.

Time: 7, 8 and 9 December at 17-21.

Location: Kolding City Archives, Skolegade 2B


Co-Design For Light

Come and experience what happens when Kulturhuset Bygning 5, in collaboration with the young talents from Coding Pirates, presents their interactive Video Mapping installation.

The installation is the result of several Co-design workshops, with a focus on learning, design and technologies.

The installation can be experienced on the forecourt of Nicolai Kultur every evening during the Light Festival.

Time: 7, 8 and 9 December at 17-21

Place Forpladsen til Nicolai Kultur, Skolegade


The cosmic universe – a journey through the stars

The cosmic universe is a captivating and engrossing experience created for the Light Festival 2023 in Kolding.

The project invites both children and adults to embark on a heavenly journey through the cosmic universe, where they can get up close and immerse themselves in the cosmic wonders. Through interaction and the interplay of light, visitors are given the opportunity to create their own vibrant cosmos, communicate with the stars and reveal captivating stories.

Time: Thursday 7 December at 18-21,

Friday 8 December at 17-21,

Saturday 9 December at 17-20.

Place: The old electric power plant, Sct. Jørgens Gade 1-3


The light treasure hunt

Explore the nooks and crannies of the darkened library and find the secret writing that is hidden throughout the library and can only be seen with a very special flashlight. You can borrow flashlights from the staff during the light festival.

Time: 7, 8 and 9 December at 17-21

Location: Kolding Library, Slotssøvejen 4


MAIDEN – award-winning theatre

The internationally recognized performance Maiden returns to Denmark at Kolding Light The performance has won various awards in Poland and Italy due to the very different use of light on the stage.

Experience the story of Greta, who has a dream that she keeps hidden as fiercely as her virginity: to become a soldier-woman. To make this a reality, she undertakes a desperate attempt: to be admitted to the police. But things don’t go as she dreamed. The performance is for adults (from 16 years) and takes place in Spanish, but the audience can follow along in the visual story that darkness and light create.

Time: December 8 and 9 at 19.00

Location: Nicolai Stage, Skolegade 2c.

Ticket: Until 8 Dec. and until 9 Dec.

Skate6000 – Kolding light festival on 4 wheels

At the Kolding Light Festival, you can meet the skaters from Skate6000 when they come around town on their boards decorated with lights and glowing wheels. You can also grab your skateboard yourself and come down and decorate it with lights and colors.

Open house and creative workshop Stop by Skate6000 for an open house and creative workshop. Come down and experience Kolding’s skateboarding environment, and help decorate skateboards with lights and colors so that they are ready for the activities on Friday and Saturday.

Time: Thursday 7 Dec. At 17-19

Location: Skate6000, Lille Brostræde 4

Target group: From 6 years to 16 years.


Skate tour and competitions

We take a trip through the city together on skateboards decorated with lights and light wheels. Along the way, we make five stops where we have fun and hold small competitions

At 17.30 We meet at the skate park

At 17.45 Kolding Library (best flat trick)

At 18.30 Gågaden (we ride on two wheels)

At 19.00 Nicolai farm (highest jump)

At 19.30 Skate6000s clubroom 8 (free apple slices)

At 20.30 goodbye and thank you for today

Time: Friday 8 Dec. At 17:30-20:30

Place: Kolding Midtby, meeting place in the Skateparken

Skate sessions, teaching, music and fun

Stop by the skate park in Klosterhaven for skate sessions. Here you can borrow skateboards with light-up wheels and safety equipment and you can get skateboard lessons from the volunteers from Skate6000. 

The skatepark will be lit up with LED lights and there will be music from a DJ and a good atmosphere.
Everyone is welcome.
Time: Saturday 9 Dec. At 17-19.
Location: Skatepark in Klosterhaven.

Cronhammer’s Diamond Runner at Trapholt

Experience the impressive work of art by Ingvar Cronhammer, Diamond Runner, when the work lights up again in the evening sky after a 15-year hiatus.
The work has stood in Trapholt’s museum garden for 30 years, but due to a construction error it has been out of order for 15 years.
Now the impressive work is lit again, the full potential of which can only be experienced after dark, when four large lamps construct columns of light that gather at one point in the night sky.
Time: All days after dark
Place: Trapholt sculpture park.
The park is open to everyone regardless of the museum’s opening hours

Three days of light installations at Pitstop

Come by and see Pitstop, Kolding’s new Cultural Center, as you have never seen it before.
Experience the iconic backyard enveloped in light and step into Pitstop and see the many interactive installations made by the city’s youth.
On Friday, we turn up the pace. Here, Pitstop opens as a nightclub and gives Kolding an authentic evening with performances, where the interactive light and sound is the focal point.
Everyone is welcome.
Time: Thursday 7 Dec. At 17-22,
Friday 8 December at 17-24,
Saturday 9 December at 16-21
Location: Pitstop, Jernbanegade 54

BLACK/WHITE – a shadow play created for Kolding Light Festival 2023

Experience the Kulturskolen Kolding’s exciting installation, which works with light and shadow.
The light moves around the installation, so that new expressions and impressions are constantly created when shadows and light and thus also the installation change.
Time: 7, 8 and 9 December at 17-20
Location: Store in Kolding Midtby – to be announced at the end of November

Harteværk puts spot on green power

Harteverket focuses on green power created by the water via floating lanterns.
Experience the beautiful lanterns, which are powered by solar cells, on Kolding Å.
Time: 7, 8 and 9 December at 17-21
Place: Kolding Å

The right to have the wind in the hair and bright light in the eyes

During the Light Festival, Cykling uden Alder Kolding contributes with moving light installations in the form of 3 ornate Rickshaws. The light installations were developed by students at the School of Design. You cycle from the Knudepunktet, where it will be possible to have a test ride.
Time: 7, 8 and 9 December at 19-20:30
Location: Knudepunktet (v. Rendebanen)