Om Kolding Light Festival

The Idea

The Kolding Light Festival  was held for the first time in December 2013 in Kolding city. The festival will be held in the second December weekend each year. This year’s festival will be held from 5th – 7th. of December 2019.

The festival’s idea is to give visitors a new and different experience of Kolding City using light and sound. With exciting lighting sets, video lights, interactive installations and lighting, the urban space will unfold from a brand new page. The wish is also that the festival will be able to inspire visitors, whether they are residents, tourists, artists or professionals.

During the past decade, light festivals have been established all over the world. Closest to Kolding we find festivals in Berlin and Amsterdam, but also in Lyon, Eindhoven, Sydney and Singapore and others. play with light. Common to all is that they add more and new meaning to the public space and show culture, beauty and technology in elegant association.

2013 was the first step in a long development where the festival will grow bigger and wider. We started with relatively few large but imposing installations, as well as a number of smaller installations. We expect the volume to evolve over the years and hope that the festival will be able to leave future light installations around the Kolding region.

Kolding Light Festival builds on the event “Kolding Lyser”, which was held in the years 2011 and 2012.

The Kolding Light Festival could not be implemented without much support from companies, Kolding Municipality, Kolding Trade Council, City Kolding, Visit Kolding and many more, which you can read about here.

During the light festival it is possible to experience both large and smaller light installations around Kolding city center.


Who is behind Kolding Light Festival?

Behind the festival is the Kolding Light Festival S / I, a non-profit self-governing institution and established by Erhvervsgruppen Kolding. This has been done in order to create an annual recurring event that has attractiveness beyond the boundaries of the municipality. Kolding Light Festival S / I is drawn by the board.

Until summer 2018, the festival was run as an ApS, but in order to spread “ownership” to more in the local area, Erhvervsgruppen Kolding chose to “give” the festival to the city.

Erhvervsgruppen Kolding is a political-independent group established in 2012 by local business and business professionals. The group wisch to contribute to Kolding and surrounding areas receiving positive feedback. The Kolding Light Festival is just one of several activities initiated or supported by Erhvervsgruppen Kolding.